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Tools of Change

Planting seeds, a simple yet expansive activity. One that brings food to the table, shade to hot days, and change to the world. Semilla Nueva now emerges, sprouting our first leafs and reaching for sunshine. In this process we have begun to connect in a new network absorbing our surroundings with an open mind, a…

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Damaged Soil to Food Security

  Semilla Nueva is beginning our work with rural farm communities of the Tierra Fria “Cold Land” in the department of Quetzaltenengo, Guatemala. My first visit to Huitan was an inspirational experience. As we wound up mountain roads, and weaved through valley floors I was continually amazed by the vastness of land being cultivated. From…

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The Little Things

Hello amigo, do you have juice that is pure nectar? No amigo, no we don’t. Is there another store that might? Yeah, I don’t think so, not around here.  

Reflections from a Volunteer

Jesse Phillips here, checking in from a small farm in Washington State. I volunteered with Semilla Nueva for five months during the summer and fall of 2009, helping in a small way to connect farmers to farmers and begin developing the organization’s grounding goals and volunteer program. At the time there were four of us–three…

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Team Built on Friendship and Camaraderie

Yesterday I sat down with my friend and colleague Darren Yondorf to explain to him the different pieces of our work. The past few months while in the States, Darren has been a huge asset with fundraising and has now made the move to live and work with us at our headquarters in Guatemala. Darren…

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Xacana Grande

The landscape here is mountainous, and the highest peaks are laden with wispy clouds. From Xela, it’s about a two hour ride north to the village of Xacana Grande. It is the rainy season now, and the valleys are lush with green. In the distance a storm was building, slowly consuming the blue sky. I…

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Embracing Guatemalan Culture and Cooking: a Volunteer’s Perspective

Hola from Xela! Hope this post finds you all doing well. My name is Jenna Kennedy, and in the States, I’m entering my second year of medical school in Kansas. This summer, I’m volunteering with Semilla Nueva to conduct a nutrition project in the nearby community of Las Nubes. I’ve lived in Xela for about…

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Infographic: A glance at Guatemala

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Obstacles to Education in Rural Guatemala

  I have been volunteering here in Guatemala since February 2010. For my first few months I lived in a small town called San Andreas Itzapa working with a nonprofit called Maya Pedal, building pedal powered machines out of recycled bicycles from the United States and Canada. During the lunch hour, I would often venture…

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Welcoming our New Volunteer Callie New: Opening Thoughts

  Hello from Xela! My name is Callie New and I am the most recent volunteer with Semilla Nueva. I am a recent graduate from Southern Oregon University where I majored in International Studies while studying Spanish language and Latin America history and politics. I decided to volunteer with Semilla Nueva because I have an…

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