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Tools of Change

Planting seeds, a simple yet expansive activity. One that brings food to the table, shade to hot days, and change to the world. Semilla Nueva now emerges, sprouting our first leafs and reaching for sunshine. In this process we have begun to connect in a new network absorbing our surroundings with an open mind, a drive to grow, and a variety of tools.

As this branch has acted as a pitchfork for years is has become well polished, and worn with an elegance expressed through simplicity. We too hope to plant seeds with such natural form, and water them with, inspiration, organics, and initiative so that campesinos may re-grow the land on which they survive. This growth has never been so important as the mountain soils are now depleted from years of chemical application, and mono-cropping. As such Semilla Nueva will pick up the tools of the past, integrate on site innovation, and act as a driving force in a change to reclaim our food security and revive peoples relations with nature. We look forward to tracking this growth with you.

— Brook Golling


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