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Most poor corn farmers only grow enough corn to eat. They don’t produce enough to sell and make an income. The poorest people in Central America and Sub-saharan Africa tend to be corn farmers. 

New seeds are being developed every year that could help farmers more than double their yields, improve their food security, and generate an income. 

Most poor farmers don’t have access to these seeds and can’t afford them.


We develop new seeds that are highly nutritious, high yielding, and resilient to climate impacts.

We sell these seeds at reduced prices, and we provide financial support to local, family-owned seed companies to do the same.

Then, we work with local governments to make these subsidy programs long-term and sustainable. 


  • In 2022, over 20,500 farmers used our seed, 2% of Guatemala’s farmers.

  • On average, farmers earned $182 more–an 87% increase in their income.  

  • 18% of farmers who purchased normally don’t purchase seeds. They were able to afford them because of the lower prices.

  • In 2022, it took $19 of support from Semilla Nueva for a seed company to reach one new family with our improved seed.