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The storms and droughts caused by climate change are destroying farmers’ crops and leading many to leave their country as undocumented immigrants. In 2022, 56% of farmers we surveyed experienced extreme storms and 29% experienced droughts. These numbers are expected to increase. Making this worse, as CO2 levels increase, corn becomes even less nutritious.


We breed our seeds to be more resistant to climate change. They have deeper roots, thicker stalks, and better resistance to new pests and diseases. We also provide our farmers with training on improved agricultural practices in person and digitally. 


  • In 2022, Guatemalan farmers affected by storms lost 39% of their crops. Using our new seed, they cut their losses to 21%. 

  • In 2022, for farmers affected by drought, farmers using our new seed reduced their losses by 34%. 

  • Farmers cite improved climate resistance as the third thing they most love about our seeds, after good yields and affordable price.

Lodging (plants blown over by a storm) of maize from our seed (on the left) and Guatemala’s most popular commercial seed (on the right).