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We are a small yet lively bunch that’s on the hunt for the best of the best.


  • Breeding Director
    Semilla Nueva is recruiting a remote, Breeding Director to oversee the strategic development of our high zinc and QPM biofortified maize breeding program. This position will provide high-level direction, define clear objectives and enable the growth and success of a ten-person R&D team working in Guatemala to create new biofortified maize hybrids, backcross biofortified traits…

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  • Research & Learning Director
    Semilla Nueva is recruiting a research and learning director to co-lead the development and publishing of third-party impact evaluations, monitoring and evaluation, reporting, and assist in program design. This position will report to and collaborate closely with the COO, supervise a M&E coordinator position, and will be a part of our senior leadership team. The…

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  • Production Coordinator
    El Coordinador de Producción debe asegurar la producción de semilla híbrida a tiempo, en cantidadesapropiadas, y de alta calidad. Liderará el almacenamiento, logística y distribución segura de la semilla. RESUMEN DE LA ORGANISACIÓN La desnutrición afecta a más de mil millones de personas en el mundo, y Guatemala tiene la cuarta tasa más alta de…

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Semilla Nueva fellowships are designed for individuals who want to gain on-the-ground experience in a dynamic international NGO. You will not be pushing paper, here you’ll be getting your hands dirty and expected to be a contributor from the start. Our fellowships are unpaid and typically require a 6 month commitment.

Check out the video below we made for a video competition of a former fellow from Iowa State, Katelyn Fritz.

Better Seed, Better Life Contest — Katelyn Fritz, Agricultural Fellow