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Our Team

We are dedicated to providing real impact for those that need it most. We aim to improve the incomes of hundreds of thousands of farming families and the nutrition of millions.

Curt Bowen
Curt on the Cob

Co-Founder & Executive Director

Federico Fiallos

Chief Operating Officer

María Cruz
The Corn Cob Counter

Finance and HR Director & External Projects Lead

Richard Knab
Corn on the Knab

Development Director

Enrique Kreff

Breeding Director

Rafael Tabíc
Witz Teninquin, which in Mam means ear of good corn

Operations Manager

Jessica Aguirre
Elotitutl, sweet corn in nahuatl

HR Coordinator

Carlos Ajín
Mr. Elotín

Accounting Assistant

José Arreaga

Commercial Coordinator

Laura Boudot
Elote Francés

Grants and Projects Coordinator

Astrid Bravo
Corn Assistant

Administrative Assistant

Nestor Canel

Germplasm Bank Assistant

Juan José Catalán
Quality Maize

Nurseries Senior Coordinator

Donaldson Chinchilla

Field Technician – Breeding

Hugo Chinchilla

Evaluation Technician

Alejandro Cruz

Operations and Continuous Improvement Manager

David Dávila
Corn King

Alliances and Strategic Projects Coordinator

Juan Manuel de León

Experimental Farm Guard



Development Communications Coordinator

Nelson Donis
Maicero Petenero

Commercial Technical Advisor

Osmin Esquivel
Pastel de Elote

Commercial Technical Advisor

Yordy Godinez
Maíz de Costa

Commercial Technical Advisor

Andony Hernandez
Corn Bread

Commercial Technical Advisor

Carlos Herrarte
Maíz Camagua

Distribution and Operations Assistant

Mayli Herrera
Corn Collector

Genetic Resources Assistant

Edwin Juc
Aj Tjkool, or planter in Maya Poqomchi’

Commercial Technical Advisor

Herberth Lima

Junior Accountant

Axel López
Ak’unb’es Ixi im, or son of corn in Maya Poqomam

Commercial Technical Advisor

Josué Lopez

Field Technician

Nelcy López
Lady Corn

Production Coordinator

Kasey Markel
The Effective Genetic Altruist

Gene Editing Consultant

Ana Márquez
Lo Maizimo

Laboratory Assistant

Paola Martínez
Corn Counter

Finance and Administration Associate Manager

Gustavo Méndez
Atolito de Elote

Field Technician

Mónica Meza

Accounting Assistant

Fausto Ordoñez
Sweet Corn

R&D Investigation and Development Assistant

Ricardo Ortiz

R&D Associate Manager

José Ángel Perez
Maíz Fuerte

Commercial Coordinator

Ana Pistun
Corn Flakes

M&E Assistant

Yanira Ramirez
Corn Charm

Administrative & Legal Coordinator

Alonso Ramos

Program Manager

Elisa Salguero
Ms. Marketing Roasted Elote

PR and Marketing Coordinator

Daniela Orozco

Laboratory Assistant

Edy Torres
Corn Tracker

Investigation & New Hybrids Coordinator

Kevin Vasquez
Corn Detective

Genetic Resources Coordinator

Mailon & Pallasa
The Meowzorcas

Experimental Farm Chief Mousing Officers