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Better Corn

Projects to improve nutrition are among the most difficult to achieve. How can you convince the poorest of the poor to spend their scarce time or money on improving something intangible and long-term like nutrition?

Instead, we work to make it worth their while. 

Our model is simple. We work with the world’s best scientists and our own breeding program to develop seeds with good yields and more nutrition. We sell these seeds at attractive prices. Farmers make more money, improve the nutrition of their families, and sell corn in the market where it improves the nutrition of hundreds of thousands of consumers.

Semilla Nueva currently works in Guatemala, but we are working to develop a model that can scale throughout Central America and Sub-Saharan Africa.

We focus on four interlocking strategies:

  1. Develop more nutritious and higher yielding seeds 
  2. Sell seeds directly to farmers 
  3. Support other seed companies and farmer cooperatives to sell more nutritious seeds 
  4. Generate evidence and consensus to scale through public policy

Want to learn what this is like on the ground? Read a story of one of our field technicians here.