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Creative Urban Gardens Part I: The Shallow Bed

Why Rooftop Gardens?

Planting the Seed of Change: Mentalities Towards Sustainability and Environmentalism in Rural Guatemala

As planting season rapidly approaches, a lot of preparations are being made for upcoming projects. Semilla Nueva is currently working with small groups led by experienced and enthusiastic local farmers (promotores) to share information about alternative ways of cultivating the land. The role of the organization is to inspire and support the people with proven…

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Creative Urban Gardens Part II: The Tire Garden

Introduction: Gardens on the Move

From the Field: Farmer Enthusiasm Blossoms

With every new adventure and challenge comes a mixture of uncertainty, fear, and excitement. Having recently moved to Guatemela to work with Semilla Nueva, I know these feelings well; the unknown and uncertainty of what my time in Xela will bring and the thrill of trying new cultures and experiences.

Gathering Inspiration in San Martin Jilotepeque

  Being a small and young NGO, there are challenges that come to us every day. One of these challenges is the hurdle of experience. While all of us are experienced in some matter, none of us have been through the many ups and downs that the Campesino a Campesino movement has seen over the…

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Field Update: No-Till Workshops on the Southern Coast

Planting season is quickly approaching and Semilla Nueva has been busy preparing for, and putting on, workshops for the farming communities we work with. The first round of workshops would focus on teaching no-till, technologies. As previously described in greater detail, no-till is a way to protect soil while lowering land preparation costs. The ultimate…

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Connecting to the world: A year in Guatemala

Next month will mark my one year anniversary of living in Guatemala! I am able to be here thanks to a Christianson grant from the InterExchange foundation. This grant has been like a bridge for me, providing support in a pivotal time and allowing me to transition from an idealistic youth to an effective and…

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Creative Urban Gardens: Spreading the Love

This blog is dedicated to Mel Hansen and the North Stockton Rotary District #5220‘s Seeds of Hope program, who have provided the seeds (literally) of change for this project, along with our school garden projects. The warmer weather of March allowed for abundant growth in Semilla Nueva´s urban rooftop garden. The first harvests of fresh…

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Comparing Guatemala’s Economy to the World – Part I

A large part of what we do, and any successful NGO must do, is identify and evaluate the needs of the people that we serve. This requires two things: field visits and research. Recently, we have been attempting to gain a better understanding of where Guatemala’s economy is relevant to other similar and competing economies…

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Comparing Guatemala’s Economy to the World – Part II

In Comparing Guatemala’s Economy to the World – Part I we looked at Guatemala’s GDP and compared its economy with others from around the world and we now know that agriculture plays a major role in Guatemala’s economy, especially when one compares it to other countries from around the world. But who are the people…

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