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The Pigeonpea Cookbook

As you probably know, pigeonpea, or gandul, is a bean Semilla Nueva has been introducing to our farmer participants in the coastal communities where we work for the past couple years.

Not only does pigeonpea improve soil quality and give farmers an extra source of income; pigeonpea is also a great source of nutrients! This is why we created a pigeonpea cookbook for our women’s nutrition group. This cookbook takes already existing recipes that these women use to cook for their families, and shows them how they can incorporate pigeonpea into their diet.

The book was a big hit with the women at our pigeonpea nutrition fair. This made us think, “If these women love this cookbook so much, why not make a cookbook for our supporters back home?” That’s exactly what we’ve done.

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Semilla Nueva Presents: The Pigeonpea Cookbook – Four Simple Recipes



The recipes included are:

Coconut Curry Pigeonpea Soup



Felafel and Grilled Vegetable Salad




Pigeonpea Rice




Pigeonpea Brownies


Disclaimer: These recipes have been prepared, cooked and enjoyed by the Semilla Nueva team. You can be confident that these recipes are absolutely delicious! 

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