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2015 In Review: A Photoblog

Can you believe we’re already half way through the year? Neither can we. Check out the photoblog we’ve put together to review our year so far in photos.

January 2015: Semilla Nueva Team moves the office from Xela to Guatemala City.

January 2015: Adam Lyman (far right) and Adam Kluz (second from right) from Michigan State University bring down their bike powered pigeonpea thresher and present it at community confernces.

February 2015: Jake Weisenthal (right) takes on her responsibilities as MEG director.

February 2015: Carolina Marroquin takes on her responsibilities of Administrative Accountant.

March 2015: Curt Bowen goes home to Idaho for Planting the Future Event.

April 2015: Inter-American Foundation sends Assistant Country Director, Trini Recinos (right) and farmer Isaías Alvarado (left) to Brazil for Agroecology conference.

January 2015 –  Present: Thanks to Steve Hodges, our Experimental Center is well under way!

May 2015: Semilla Nueva joins top sustainable agriculture institutions at the 60th annual PCCMCA

May 2015: Fernando Saravia joins the team as our Country Director.

May 2015: Kendall Banks comes on as Development

June 2015: Semilla Nueva leads ComAgros in communities, teaching farmers how to make an artisanal pigeonpea feed from gandul, chaya, and QPM.

June 2015: This could allow farmers to tap into the nearly $1,000 spent on chickens each week in their communities.

July 2015: Our team holds our first Monday Meeting at the Experimental Center!

January 2015 – Present: Semilla Nueva works to design and implement QPM effectiveness study to combat malnutrition.

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