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Campesino con Semilla Nueva

The peasant maintains respect and admiration for mother earth
Because he understands that life flows from him
And for this reason always to the bad practices will give the war
Although by the damage caused to the earth, his soul is hurt

With dedication and passion his land prepares
Treating Not to damage it, but with tenacity and hard work to take care of it
So that some day in front of his children raise the face
Show us them Proud with his example … and in a talk

When it comes time to sow corn with rain
His heart will Floods with affection and tenderness
Because he knows that always with sweetness
The attention given will be like a bride

Oh !! The time came,
The ears of grain are full Filling with joy the family of the farmer
That with all his love and despite all his sorrows
Have taken care day by day, to get well at the end of his way

All this is the inspiration of us in New Seed
That always We will be with the peasant hand in hand
Learning and teaching good agricultural practices so that it always rains
Just as it was always many years before the elder wise

Peasants Health, Seed New Health ……. Health Friends !!!
Let the heart beat stronger
Knowing that we are growing crystalline like the water of the lakes
And with concrete actions we will sow life and not death

Author: R. Trinidad Recinos Vargas

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