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100 Families, 20 Trips



Over the past year 345 families participated in our agricultural programs. The work of Semilla Nueva is creating real impacts within their lives:

  • Greater yields and new crops through sustainable farming.
  • Tests on new technologies that have shown potential of up to a 50% increase in income.
  • Improved nutrition through new crops like pigeonpea and chaya.

We are sparking big changes – through working with the Guatemalan Government we were able to reach an additional 4,000 families last year.  This year, we are collaborating with the government to design a new national research plan, which will adapt our sustainable technologies to reach the country’s 780,000 families. We want to scale technologies like conservation agriculture, high protein corn and pigeonpea to help all farmers in Guatemala increase their incomes, rebuild their soils and fight malnutrition.


This is why we need your help. All of our accomplishments thus far have been based on the farmer leaders in the 10 communities where we currently work. By April 30th, we want to make sure that every single one of them has a sponsor, keeping their leadership alive in those communities. You can make a difference. Only $20 a month provides a family with:

  • Seed loans for new crop varieties tested to thrive in Guatemala
  • Ongoing individual technical training with Semilla Nueva agricultural experts
  • Agricultural, nutritional, and economic educational materials and trainings
  • Leadership training and the opportunity to become a Community Leader
  • Participation in annual farmer-led Community Conferences



Come to Guatemala! 

At the foundation of Semilla Nueva is the relationships we continue to build with Guatemalan Farmers. Take a trip to Guatemala where you will work side by side with the farmers who harvest more because of your support, share meals with the women who cook complete and nutritious meals because of your contributions, and see a side of Guatemala rarely seen by tourists — the hospitality of families directly impacted through your thoughtful generosity.  It is truly an experience that will not be forgotten.


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