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This year, Semilla Nueva will help nearly 18,000 farming families improve their livelihoods with better corn. During our most recent field visit, Daniel and his family generously shared a glimpse of what life is like for one of these farmers.

Semilla Nueva Farmer, Daniel Leal Xe (39) and his family, wife Vilma (29) and daughters, Elda (13) and Katherine (6) live in a small community known as “Rocja Tzin”, Cobán, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala. Three hours from the nearest city and accessible only by poorly-maintained dirt roads, the isolation means his community has no electricity, no running water and is provided very minimal support from the local government.

With a roundtrip ticket to town costing the equivalent of 2 days wage (about $16 USD), Daniel and his family must rely on their crops to provide food and income where their resources are limited.

Daniel shared with us that he began planting Semilla Nueva seeds because he heard our seeds were higher yielding, and with two growing daughters at home, it was important to him to have enough food to feed his family.

When asked if becoming a Semilla Nueva farmer has helped his family, Daniel had this to say:

“Semilla Nueva has changed my life! Not only did Semilla Nueva’s Fortaleza seeds almost triple my corn production from 32 qq/Mz to 80 qq/MZ, but I was also able to harvest much faster than most of my friends who do not use Semilla Nueva seeds. I was able to share my extra corn with a neighboring family who had nothing to eat while waiting for their harvest, and it felt great that I could help my community.”

To show his gratitude, Daniel asked us to share this message with our donors and supporters:

“I want to thank Semilla Nueva and the donors because of their great job at helping people and promoting food security. Please continue to help other communities around because I know these seeds can change the life of the people who need it most.”

Daniel and his family are just one example of the 27,000 farmers we hope to reach with better corn in 2023. With your help, we can grow our impact and support the most remote and at-need farmers in Guatemala and El Salvador.

Until December 31st, all gifts to Semilla Nueva will be matched and tripled up to $150,000 through a generous donation from our friends at Dovetail Impact Foundation and board member, Dave Smith. Donate today and triple your impact!