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Meet Our Farmers: Mr. Daniel Leal Xe

This year, Semilla Nueva will help nearly 18,000 farming families improve their livelihoods with better corn. During our most recent field visit, Daniel and his family generously shared a glimpse of what life is like for one of these farmers. Semilla Nueva Farmer, Daniel Leal Xe (39) and his family, wife Vilma (29) and daughters,…

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Meet Our Farmers: Don Zacarias

Meet Don Zacarias Bautista Martínez from Comapa, Jutiapa, in southeast Guatemala. He’s a hardworking farmer and father of five who feeds his family with what he grows. His only income comes from maize. His family’s bank account is a big plastic grain silo that holds 2,000 pounds of corn (worth about $400). They sell part…

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Semilla Nueva – Who We Are