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Bienvenidos a Semilla Nueva: Cruz y Juan Manuel

Semilla Nueva would like to give a warm welcome to our two new field technicians: Cruz Cun Cun and Juan Manuel De Leon Diaz! Our field technicians play an integral role in the success of Semilla Nueva’s programs; working in the field assisting farmers in keeping track of their results throughout the growing season and harvest. They also take part in determining simple and effective environmental and economic analyses that farmers can understand.

Cruz Cun Cun initiating conversation about conservation agriculture at a Community Conference in WillyWood.

Cruz Cun Cun, now Field Technician in the department of Suchitepequex, comes from a long history of Agricultural activism here in Guatemala. He was one of the first community leaders to participate in the original Farmer to Farmer movement with World Neighbors in San Martin Jilotepeque, Guatemala in the 1970s. After the army began targeting these groups, Cruz fled and began Farmer-to-Farmer work in Mexico, Nicaragua, and then Honduras, before returning as a program leader in Guatemala in the early 2000′s. We are very lucky to have his expertise as one of the authorities on Farmer to Farmer in Guatemala.

Juan Manuel De Leon Diaz talks with the Guatemalan Ministry of Agriculture in his hometown, La Montana. 

Juan Manuel De Leon Diaz has been a volunteer promoter for Semilla Nueva over the past 4 years, bridging the gap that help new ideas form and travel through communities and organizations. He has led his community by example proudly testing new techniques such as conservation tillage and pigeon pea cultivation on his 8-acre plot of land. With his amiable, outgoing and caring personality, Juan Manual has made a large impact on the Farmer-to-Farmer education within his own community of La Montana. Now, as Field Technician, Juan will work in direct contact with all of our farmers in the department of Retalhuleu to share ideas on ways to improve their agricultural techniques. Juan Manuel is a living example of the value of small farmers and their own ability to make large changes in their community.

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