Semilla Nueva (501c3) helps rural Guatemalan farmers find a path to prosperity, health, and sustainability through sustainable agriculture technologies and farmer to farmer education. Watch our progress below and Read more about what we do and why we do it!

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Pigeon Pea

Gandul, or pigeon pea is a nutrition bean crop that can be grown with sesame after corn is harvested. Not only does this give farmers another source…

Campesino a Campesino

In the words of Juan Manuel de Leon, what is farmer to farmer development and how is it changing his community?

Food and Nutritional Security

Guatemala is the most malnourished country in the western hemisphere. Watch how rural women and New Seed are changing that reality?


In Guatemala, corn makes up a huge part of people’s diet. New Seed is promoting a variety with more protein and nutrients. Learn more about it’s benefits in this video.