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Semilla Nueva Wins $10,000 from Ignite Good!!!

Thank you to all the wonderful supporters who helped Semilla Nueva win the IGNITEgood Millennial Impact Challenge last month.  With incredible efforts from our wide network back home and in Guatemala, we won thousands of votes from all over the world.  
In addition to the $10,000 cash prize, Semilla Nueva staff will be attending a boot camp training in New York City next Spring with the other winners and members of the inaugural IGNITEgood class of Millennial Changemakers!  We are so excited to meet our fellow young and inspiring movers and shakers in the world, and take home some ideas to propel Semilla Nueva’s work with rural Guatemalan farmers  forward far into the future!
Thank you Huffington Post & Heartfelt Foundation!
Thank you IGNITEgood Millennial Impact Challenge!
And a GIANT thank you to our family of supporters all over the place – 
we won together!

With a simple click, you can help Semila Nueva earn $10,000 and gain invaluable new training and mentorship from world experts. IGNITEgood and Huffington Post selected our organization from over 200 others to compete in a “Reader’s Choice” poll, from now until Saturday, November 24th. 

All they want to know is whether you like us and our work

Each person can vote only once. Just click the link below and scroll down to vote! 

Semilla Nueva confronts one of the deepest causes of poverty: unsustainable farming methods cause the world’s poorest farmers to degrade their soils and deteriorate their livelihoods. 

Semilla Nueva helps rural farmers try powerful new techniques, so they can see the impact on their own land. Our programs empower farmers to break the cycle of poverty by saving their soils, improving their nutrition and doubling their income

The beauty of our simple changes–like using cover crops, planting new foods like pigeonpea, and ending field burning–is that they can spread like fire. We work with these now successful farmers to share their seeds and knowledge and uplift the rest of their community. 

Instead of breeding dependency on aid, our work encourages communities to create their own prosperity, empowerment and independence. Our goal at Semilla Nueva, is to put ourselves out of a job. 

In our four years in Guatemala, we’ve watched farmers rebuild their soils, their incomes, and their lives.  Help us grow this change!!

At Semilla Nueva, our efforts thrive because of an incredibly dedicated and enthusiastic group of supporters back home who believe in the power of our actions. We have prospered because of people like you, and the IGNITEgood challenge is the perfect time for you to shine!

$10,000 can bring our programs to new villages, opening this change to thousands of new lives. Our ability to win will depend on who can share, inspire, and make a quick click!


1.  Click here and vote! 

2.  Share this blog post. Tag us on Facebook by writing @semillanueva in your post, and we’ll follow up with comments! Or, send it to the masses on Twitter!

3.  Go the extra mile. Email this blog post to your friends and family that don’t already know about Semilla Nueva, and explain why you care about what we’re doing. 

4. Help our friends: We have friends in the competition as well. Take a chance to vote for Bould, Educate Lanka, ENVenture and Empower Women in Africa as well! 

Thank you so much for all your support. We wouldn’t be here without you!

–Curt, Trini, Kristin, Anne, Lauren, Darren, Brook and the rest of the Semilla Nueva team



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