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Gerente de Recursos Humanos y Contratación

Semilla Nueva is recruiting an HR and Recruitment Manager to lead human resources, hiring, and recruiting. The position is designed for a fully bilingual individual in Guatemala who excels at communication, understanding complex ideas, and finding matches between good people and challenging job opportunities. This position will help develop new positions, promote the organization externally, design and run hiring processes, support the creation of team culture, and supervise our HR coordinator who leads day-to-day HR activities.

Summary of the Organization

Semilla Nueva develops high-yielding, climate-resilient maize seeds that have been conventionally bred (non-GMO) to have higher levels of the most important missing nutrients: zinc, iron, and quality
protein. Our approach to large-scale adoption of these seeds relies on three strategies:

  1. Breeding commercially competitive biofortified seeds, which can increase incomes and
    prevent crop losses for farmers who currently use older hybrid seeds or recycled OpenPollinated Varieties (OPVs);
  2. Piloting subsidies to seed companies to profitably sell new, higher-yielding, climate resilient,
    biofortified seeds at prices the poorest of the poor can afford.
  3. Working with governments to institutionalize these subsidies through paying for new subsidy
    mechanisms or modifying their existing subsidy mechanisms to focus on new, high-yielding,
    climate resilient, biofortified maize seeds.

Our goal is for a minimal amount of subsidy to support hundreds of thousands of farming families to use biofortified seeds, consume biofortified maize, and sell biofortified maize into the market, while improving their incomes. The biofortified maize sold in the market will be purchased and eaten by millions of poor consumers, improving the nutrition of these populations. Our seed was sold by thr seed companies in 2022 in Guatemala, reaching over 20,000 farmers and feeding 800,000 people. Our seed is in testing by the governments of El Salvador and Honduras, and in development for Eastern Africa.

Specific Tasks

  • Build awareness of Semilla Nueva
    • Present Semilla Nueva’s work and job opportunities in academic programs, professional workshops, and employee conferences.
    • Supervise internships and other exchanges that add value to Semilla Nueva’s operations while creating a pipeline of potential hires.
    • Collaborate closely with Semilla Nueva’s marketing and communications teams to create content that promotes the organization’s career opportunities.
  • Hiring
    • Understand personnel needs within the organization, availability of talent in the market, and lead the design of new positions.
    • Systematize and standardize the hiring process, and train Semilla Nueva team on effective participation.
    • Lead the hiring processes for senior and junior candidates, including: design of the hiring process, design of activities and interview questions to test key competencies, position promotion, candidate screening, activities, interviews, references, cultural fit match and Semilla Nueva team members participation, and presentation of results.
  • Human Resources management
    • Ensure consistent execution of current HR policies and practices and lead organizational efforts for their improvement.
    • Oversee compensation and benefits plans to ensure fairness, equity, and improve organizational culture.
    • Oversee the implementation of personal growth plans and training plans by Semilla Nueva management and identify and implement policies to improve experience working at Semilla Nueva.
    • Bridge management and employee relations by addressing demands, grievances or other issues.
    • Oversee and manage a performance appraisal system that drives high performance.
    • Report to management and provide decision support through HR metrics and KPIs.
    • Ensure legal compliance throughout human resource management.
    • Supervise one direct report: HR Associate Manager.
  • Culture and diversity
    • Deeply understand Semilla Nueva’s mission and values and promote them throughout all HR processes and communication.
    • Develop policies that support diversity and inclusion, including in alignment with directives from donors such as USAID.
    • Develop programs or initiatives that improve overall staff well-being.



  • Bachelor’s degree in psychology, communications, business administration, or related field
  • At least 5-8 years overseeing human resources functions of a small to medium-sized team; ideally 3+ years recruiting senior-level positions.
  • A passion for contributing to and creating a highly effective and collegial organizational and team culture.
  • Excellent spoken, written, and reading communication skills in English and Spanish.
  • A successful track record in setting priorities; keen analytic, organization and problem-solving skills which support and enable sound decision-making.
  • Ability to track tasks until completion.
  • Excellent organizational skills, ability to work independently as well as in a team environment, assess priorities, multi-tasks, with strong attention to detail and takes initiative.
  • Strong analytical skills.

Salary: $40k – $45k / year, Commensurate with experience

How to apply

Before applying, please review our website, blog, and Annual Report which are found at Please send to with the subject line “HR and
Recruitment Manager – your name”

Semilla Nueva is an Equal Opportunity Employer committed to sustaining a diverse community with a work environment that is welcoming, respectful, and encouraging to all. We foster a culture of inclusion that celebrates and cultivates diversity along multiple dimensions, including race, ethnicity, sex, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, out of home care, age, national origin, socioeconomic status, religion, ability, culture, and experience.

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