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A Hands-On Experience with Semilla Nueva

One of the best things about being part of Semilla Nueva is sharing what we do with other people – and every year, we have two opportunities to do that in a big way – through our Semilla Nueva service trips!

Our trips give participants the opportunity to get their hands in the dirt alongside our family of local farmers, connect with fellow supporters, and gain a thorough understanding of the realities of living and working in rural Guatemala. It’s a great chance to really experience the way Semilla Nueva works with farmers to empower them to experiment with new technologies, share their knowledge with their neighbors, and improve their livelihoods.

We think our trips are a great way to really understand what we do – and suitable whether you’ve traveled the world or never left your home state. But don’t just take our word for it: see below to read testimonials from past participants, who tell it like it is!

For some visitors, the Guatemalan people they meet are the highlight of the trip – George shares his impressions and his appreciation of their warmth and kindness:

For other participants, sharing the experience with fellow trip members from all walks of life has led them to create unexpected bonds and friendships. Laurie comments on how time working in the field together can help people see eye to eye:

Finally, Kathleen explains how a Semilla Nueva service trip will leave you wanting more!

Ready to create your own story? There’s still time to make a reservation for our November 2015 trip, and both of our trips in 2016 – there will be one in August and one in November. Get all of the information you need here.


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