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Rotary International has been essential in the growth of Semilla Nueva as an organization.

Rotarians have been advisers to Semilla Nueva since our founding and several Rotarians serve as board members strengthening our organizational capacity and providing invaluable mentoring to our staff. In 2013 Semilla Nueva received its first Rotary Global Grant through a collaboration of several clubs from Idaho, Colorado, and Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. This money has served as a major source of funding for our projects and we are grateful to have received Global Grant continuations in 2014.

We are thrilled to announce the 2016 Rotary Trip this November! Support from Rotary has allowed us to achieve unbelievable growth and impact in our communities; we are honored to offer you the opportunity to come see the impact your monetary contributions have had on our communities!

Trip details including budget, logistics and itinerary check coming soon. Please contact Eve Dolkart, our International Relations and Outreach Officer, at if you have any questions or would like to register for the trip!


Rotary Global Grant

Rotary’s Global Grant 2013 went directly to begin work in five communities in the departments of Retalhuleu, Guatemala–helping Semilla Nueva double the size of their impact. Specifically the grant supported the training of promoter farmers on sustainable agricultural techniques, as well as the training of women’s groups in communities on food security and nutrition.  A total of 37 farmer leaders have been trained and are leading small-scale experimentation with new sustainable technologies like soil conservation and pigeonpea. Our Guatemalan agronomist visits these farmers on a regular basis to help them set up experiments using new technologies and track the changes farmers see over the growing season.

More than 50 new women leaders participated in food security groups, experimenting with high impact food technologies such as chaya, pigeonpea and quality protein maize. Women were taught recipes to involve these nutritious foods into their daily cooking, helping to improve their children’s nutrition. With help from Rotary over 40 acres of small family plots have been planted in pigeonpea.  Additionally, 2,700 farmers received Quality Protein Corn this year, providing the equivalent of over 2 million protein bars to families suffering from malnutrition.

The grant also went to support the hosting of community conferences to share these new ideas and technologies with neighbors in the community. All of our conferences were locally led, with promoter farmers and leader women speaking about their own experiences.

In 2014 and 2015 we are excited to be continuing working in these same 5 communities plus 20 new commto train local farmer leaders, promote experimentation for another year of data on the success of our sustainable farming methods, and build women’s group participation. Local leadership created through last year’s work will be given more responsibility; organizing trainings and collecting community experimental data, making our work truly sustainable. 

Rotarian Trips to Guatemala

In 2012, Semilla Nueva hosted 21 Rotarians to evaluate the work we were doing for the Global Grant. It was such a success that we have decided to host another trip this November! These trips are designed to take Rotarians to the next level of involvement and intimacy with our mission. While in Guatemala, you will work side by side with the farmers who harvest more because of your support, share meals with the women who cook complete and nutritious meals because of your contributions, and see the beautiful country of Guatemala rarely seen by tourists. Interested? Register today! For more information please contact Lee Stroman at

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Interested in getting involved? For more information about how you and your Rotary Club can take part in the next trip or participate in our next Global Grant, contact our team at