Semilla Nueva - New Seed

Truly Sustainable Agriculture


Semilla Nueva brings the best technologies from the world’s leading agricultural research institutions to poor farmers. Internationally, this is part of a new movement called the second green revolution. We look for ways to produce more food, generate more income, and simultaneously decrease agriculture’s negative effects. We focus on local solutions to global problems.

An example is pigeonpea, or cajanus cajan. Pigeonpea is a drought resistant bean bred to grow simultaneously with corn and other crops. It cuts fertilizer costs by fixing organic nitrogen, decreases soil compaction, provides high protein and nutrient rich food, and is open-pollinated, allowing farmers to save their own seed. Pigeonpea is an example of how Guatemalan farmers can make small changes to their growing systems that reap large benefits—economically, socially, and environmentally.

Semilla Nueva believes that poor farmers should not be forced to choose between protecting the environment and taking care of their families. And the good news is that they don’t have to. Other techniques, including conservation agriculture, green manures, and effective input management can help farmers up to double their income while drastically reducing erosion, run-off, and rebuilding their soils. These techniques don’t require farmers to buy more, but rather to use more efficiently the resources they already have.

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