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Tools to Change a Country

Semilla Nueva is dedicated to addressing one of the root problems of rural poverty—the system of research and education for small farmers is largely inadequate. Reductions in funding and inefficient management have existed for decades, and the current situation is their result. We work to find solutions to this education crisis that can bring different organizations together around powerful new technologies and cost-effective farmer to farmer training models.

The Semilla Nueva Experimentation and Training Center sits on 6 acres of land in La Maquina, Suchitepequez. Beginning in 2013, our center will scientifically prove the technologies that we promote and then train farmers, non-profits, universities and government programs in their use. Our goal is to help the government model this experimentation and training work around the country, building a backbone for future agricultural development focused on sustainable technologies.
Semilla Nueva is currently training 27 agricultural trainers from the Guatemalan Ministry of Agriculture. We are working together on improving the use of farmer to farmer development techniques and training on our new technologies. This collaboration will bring new techniques and seeds to thousands of families in 2013 and beyond. Semilla Nueva has collaborated with numerous other non-profits in our region, inviting their staff and farmers to our farmer to farmer conferences and sharing seed, materials, and strategies. Learn more in Collaborators.
From representing Guatemalan Civil Society in the IX Hemispheric Forum of Civil Society and Social Actors in Washington D.C., to presenting farmer to farmer strategies to the national leaders of the Ministry of Agriculture (see our blog here).Semilla Nueva is dedicated to promoting farmer to farmer training models and sustainable agriculture technologies within Guatemala and beyond.

Technology Development as a Global Citizen: From universities in the US to the world’s leading agricultural research organizations, Semilla Nueva is actively participating in collaborative research and development of new farming techniques with the potential to affect millions of other small farmers world-wide. What can help one small farmer in Guatemala can help another in Africa or India, and we feel proud to be part of a community of other organizations dedicated world-wide to this pursuit. Learn more in Partners.

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