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Semilla Nueva Field Service Trips 2016-2017

Semilla Nueva is excited to announce our Guatemala Service Trips! Anyone who is interested in Semilla Nueva’s work can participate in these trips, and we send a special invitation to our supporters to visit Guatemala. These trips are designed to take donors to the next level of

involvement and intimacy with our mission. While in Guatemala, you will work side by side with the farmers who harvest more because of your support, share meals with the women who cook complete and nutritious meals because of your contributions, and see a side of Guatemala rarely seen by tourists: the hospitality of families directly impacted through your thoughtful generosity.


What You Can Expect:
You will visit and work in communities during the day and stay each night in the mid-sized city, Retalhuleu. There you will stay in the well-reviewed and beautiful Hotel Astor, with private room, heated shower, air conditioning, small pool, and restaurant. You may spend up to 2.5 hours riding on rough roads for daily transport to and from communities.

Depending on the season, you may have the opportunity to:

  • Plant rice or other crops with farmers and families
  • Participate in our women’s food security groups including joining a cooking workshop
  • Harvest crops with farmers and families
  • And more!

What People Say:
“My husband Ben and I initially visited the Semilla Nueva communities in the fall of 2012.  It was a little bit like licking the icing off the knife used to frost the best cake you have even eaten!  We left feeling like we had only gotten a small taste, not only of the flavor of the people being aided by the work Semilla Nueva is doing, but the vision, impact and potential for the enormous possibilities that existed on the horizon.  For me, our visit was a heart-warming, soul searching and life changing experience.  Our first visit, but definitely not our last!” – Kathleen Simko

For a more in depth account of our service trips, please check out the blogs of those who’ve been.

Russ Stoddard shares his views on his first visit to Guatemala during a 2015 trip in this well written post.

Beth Markley writes humorously and poignantly about her trip with her husband and two sons in 2012 in her blog.

Jerry Brady describes his 2013 trip with his 14-year-old granddaughter Julia with detailed insight in his blog.

Questions? Ready to reserve your spot? Please contact Eve Dolkart at

We look forward to joining you for an unforgettable experience!