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Why Guatemala?
79% of Guatemala’s rural poor live in poverty and depend on agriculture for their food and livelihood. Sustainable agricultural practices that protect and rebuild soils are critically important where 72% of soils are severely degraded. Growing nutritious foods and adopting them in traditional dishes is equally imperative as the 4th most malnourished country on the planet. When there’s just enough food, and nothing left to sell, many see immigrating in search of work as the only option. Semilla Nueva offers family farmers sustainable solutions.

Sponsorship Helps
Semilla Neuva’s programs teach farming techniques that rebuild soils, improve family nutrition, and generate income. Farmer-to-Farmer education encourages each family farmer to unlock their own innovation through experimentation, analysis and community collaboration, allowing them to grow a new way forward. Your support provides:

~ Seed loans for new crop varieties tested to thrive in Guatemala
~ Ongoing individual technical training with Semilla Nueva agricultural experts
~ Agricultural, nutritional, and economic educational materials and trainings
~ Leadership training and the opportunity to become a Community Promotor
~ Participation in annual farmer-led Community Conferences

Play a Greater Role
Semilla Nueva’s family farmers are dedicated to adopting life-changing agricultural practices to grow a better tomorrow. Will you help them? Productive soils. Complete nutrition. Parents who can afford to pay school tuition. Families that stay together. Make your impact with just $20 a month.Stay Connected
Receive a color picture, bio and background information for each family farmer. A yearly letter from Guatemala keeps you updated, plus you’ll have the chance to write back! No need to know Spanish, Semilla Nueva staff will translate letters for you. Work Trips through Semilla Nueva give you the opportunity to meet the family farmer in Guatemala and build a deeper connection.


Join the Movement
Your support not only changes a life, but also propels the growing global sustainability movement, strengthened one family farmer at a time. Read what a few supporters said about sponsorship:

To provide a small measure of support so that a family can become self-sufficient is our commitment – and the core of our personal philosophy about the “joy of giving”. Giving others a helping hand so they can enjoy a more productive life gives us great satisfaction. – Marshall and Kathleen Baker, sponsors since 2012

We so often see stories on the evening news about people who are suffering in other parts of the world, victims of poverty, natural disasters and other tragedies. The images are heart-rending, and we often feel powerless to help. Sponsoring a family through Semilla Nueva is a way we can help those less fortunate than we are to help themselves. Sponsorships are a way to promote lasting change for families we may only meet through their letters but know that their lives are improving because of Semilla Nueva’s work. – Tim Woodward, sponsor since 2013.

To see an example of a farmer profile click here!

$20 per month