Semilla Nueva - New Seed
Rebuilding Guatemala…through its soil


The story of how one social entrepreneur in Guatemala, Curt Bowen, is starting a revolution – for farmers, by farmers.

Reflections on what makes a Social Entrepreneur

Huffington Post

My name is Curt Bowen, and I’m a social entrepreneur. Social entrepreneurs are just like normal entrepreneurs, except our goal is fixing big world problems.

Planting Hope

Tuscon Weekly
Tuscon, Arizona – The agriculture education programs of Semilla Nueva are fighting poverty in Guatemala and reducing the need for migration north.

Advice To Changemakers: Lessons From The Ashoka-American Express Emerging Innovators U.S. Boot Camp

New York, NY – Grow in a disciplined way. Define your story—before someone else does. Constantly ask for feedback.

Pigeonpea: Tackling Root Causes of Poverty in Central America

Huffington Post
New York, NY – Semilla Nueva is currently working to introduce a new type of pigeonpea that is small enough to be grown in between the rows of farmers’ traditional crops, corn and sesame. Farmers don’t increase their costs, don’t lose their traditional crops, and in exchange get an extra crop to eat and sell.