Semilla Nueva - New Seed

Vision, Mission & Values



Our vision is a developing rural Guatemala, where farmers have harnessed the power of new sustainable agriculture technologies, community organization, and engagement with local government.


Our mission is to develop locally-led farmer education programs that increase the income, rebuild the soils, and improve the food security of Guatemala’s rural poor.


• Honesty: Real change can only come from honesty. We must be honest about the problems we are trying to solve, how we are trying to solve them, and our successes and failures.

• Responsibility: We are responsible to accurately portray our organizations goals to our donors and spend our funding with the most effective ways to achieve those goals. We are responsible to achieve these goals with the best-interests of our community partners in mind.

• Innovation: We work to create new solutions to deep problems. We develop needed models and programs that serve our target community and can be modified and implemented by other organizations and communities to help others.

• Pragmatism: We value a grounded understanding of the context we work in, and making decisions according to the results they can realistically achieve.

• Inclusion: Our process must not marginalize or isolate. While maintaining our standards we must provide avenues in which all those involved, from our farmers to donors, understand our model and have an avenue to voice their ideas and concerns.

• Professionalism: We are dedicated the quality and standards that excellence requires.